Medikly | The Physician Value Index: A Framework for Optimizing Marketing Performance
Introducing a new framework for helping pharmaceutical brands optimize marketing performance and spend in the digital age.
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The Physician Value Index™

Introducing a new framework for helping pharma optimize marketing performance and spend in the digital age.

There have never been more ways to reach HCPs, yet it’s never been so challenging to effectively engage them. HCPs now choose when, where, how, and if they interact withpvindexmockup pharmaceutical companies.  This whitepaper proposes a new model, the Physician Value IndexTM, which integrates four key aspects of how a physician interacts with a pharmaceutical brand—presence, participation, influence, and sentiment.

Reading this white paper will show you how to: 

  • Incorporate this new capability model
  • Better measure marketing performance
  • Drive business value
  • Justify spend through real-time, data-based insights

Target Audience

This white paper is intended for pharmaceutical marketers to discuss and agree on an appropriate set of metrics that will demonstrate marketing performance while driving business value within their individual organizations.

About Medikly

Medikly is pharma’s first and only unified, cloud-based platform that helps brands better reach, engage, and understand physicians across multiple touchpoints. Medikly’s platform goes beyond current technology solutions by delivering deeper content, interactive experiences, and a robust set of measurable and actionable big data analytics. For more information, visit or email, and follow us on Twitter handle @medikly.


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